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D20 dices mean a lot to the people who are into role-playing games. 
So after many requests I decided to make necklaces out of these 20-sided dices with variations of such bright colors.

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Sheet versions of some chainmail weave patterns: 

1- "4 in 1 Hoodoo Hex Sheet"
2- "Conundrum Sheet"
3- "Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6"

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New Models for Pop-Up Kadıköy

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I have participated a Pop-Up event last weekend at Kadıköy, İstanbul and enjoyed it a lot!
Before the event, with my usual excitement, I worked non-stop to bring out new models to my customers. Although it was extremely tiring to work 14-15 hours a day, I was only feeling happy after getting so many good reactions and compliments for my creations.
Here are some of these new pendant models and also me that day :)

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Armor and the Shield

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Title, right to the point! On one arm it is the chainmail armor and on the other arm it is the scalemail shield.
Photo by Ilgın Akarsu

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Pin It       There are many aspects of production, especially in arts. Presenting what you have made effectively is one of them.

      Making beautiful, meaningful or appealing pieces in every kind of art is important without a doubt. In addition to that, it is also important to show the best view of those pieces, because sight gives the first impression and we know "there is no second chance to make a first impression".

      Even though I am a photographer myself, I take some of the pictures of my blog by my smart-phone. This is mainly because I like Instagram the most, among all other social media. And then I use those pictures in my other accounts.

      Rather than the device I am using, the thing I find important is not to go too far from the original scene. Because if a customer likes an item on my Etsy shop by its picture and then feels disappointment after getting his/her package, I would be really sad. So I use many techniques but still try to keep all the images natural.

      Actually I find it magical because there are numerous angles, or different styles, and each person has a different point of view. So it is very enjoyable to find yours among these countless choices.


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Pin It        While working on a piece, I also love to make improvisations. Things turn out to be very different sometimes and I like that dynamism of chainmail a lot!
      On the other hand, I do not work with tutorials and always figure out things by myself so sometimes a pendant like this can take 5 hours to finish, in order to make the ring sizes match correctly without getting too tight or loose.

I have a little, magical, very sweet inspiration as well.. You see a small part of her below but I will share more pictures in the upcoming posts :)

No, unfortunately I do not work for NASA, yet.. :) And maybe chainmail is way too heavy for them..

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Pin It I usually collect a few souvenirs from the places I have been to, but I prefer mostly the natural ones. Sometimes a small bottle of sand, sometimes leaves, shells and mostly natural stones. Instead of keeping such things in boxes, I like to see them. Glass jars, small bottles, decorative small plates are ideal for such displays. And I have one more idea to keep them even closer.

So here is a natural stone found from the seaside and surrounded by a chainmail armor (I polished this one but it can also be left unpolished): 

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A new year has come and as usual we never give up our hopes for better days. 
I wish you all healthy days, happy moments, peaceful lives, creative works, enjoyable hobbies and a lovely 2017 with all the beloved people around you.

Happy Chainy Year!

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